Giant ‘snot’ jellyfish washes ashore – scientists say it could be a new species


A giant ‘snot’ jellyfish that washed ashore in Australia is baffling scientists, who say it could be a new species.

The 1.5-metre creature (4ft 11in) was discovered by a family last month as they collected shells on a beach near Hobart, Tasmania.

The Lims were so stunned by the gigantic jellyfish they took a photograph and sent it to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Scientists say the sticky blob could be a type of lion’s mane – or ‘snot’ – jellyfish, but they have never seen one so big before. Researchers believe this previously unidentified giant jellyfish could be a new type.

CSIRO scientist Lisa-Ann Gershwin, who has been studying jellyfish for 20 years, said she had heard stories of a big white-ish creature with a distinctive pink tinge in the middle.

She said rumours of its existence in Tasmanian waters had been circulating for more than a decade.

She told…

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